I am just recovering from a relapse, the main effect of which was severe double vision that left me housebound for two months. Thankfully I am now recovering and my brain has, I am told, recalibrated my eyesight to compensate for the nerve damage. This led me to wonder whether such recalibration would occur for other nerves through exercise, if the exercise was as regular as that which is unavoidable with the eyes. The converse of this is that my walking has become worse during my sedentary two months. I have met MS sufferers who have improved through exercise and, although it is obvious that exercise is advantageous, I am wondering as to what extent this improvement is possible. What are your experiences of this? My eyesight is almost back to normal. When it is I shall find out for myself anyway, but I am interested to hear your views. Cheers Bernie

Dear Bernie

I go to the gym three times a week and it has definitely made me stronger. I had a forced break of 4 months at the beginning of the year (long story … related to PIP claim … say no more!) and that set me back to where I was 3 yrs ago! But now I’m back and nearly RUNNING on the treadmill (holding on, obviously, but we do the best we can when we’re wobbly!).

Be advised though, if your core temperature rises, it may temporarily bring back your vision problems, but that only lasts until your temperature goes back to normal.

I’ve heard yoga & pilates are also very good, but as I work full time I haven’t had time to try - I’ve asked the gym if they would start doing classes, but they need more support!

Exercise is great - physically and mentally - but be prepared that it may temporarily aggrevate those pesky lesions!

Emma x

Thank you Emma. I feel like I am on a mission now. Bernie x

I am seeing a physio who has set me exercises to do at home and yes, they are helping. My balance is getting better, my walking is getting steadier and my stamina is increasing too. The exercises are based round pilates and yoga; they are intended to strengthen my core and improve my balance.