Rebismart - is it available on NHS

I’m trying to make a decision on Meds… I hate needles… But I’ve seen the Rebismart electronic device… And it looks like something I could do without crying like a baby…or freaking out. Is this available on the NHS in the UK…? I’m in Northern Ireland. Please someone say yes.

Yes, I got mine without having to pay for it. It made the injections a lot less painful.

It is now! I remember my mom paying for it when she first had it but now doesnt pay a penny which is great to hear as its sounds like I will be starting it in August x

Oh I hope I can get it…I really don’t think I can do the needle thing…

Hi Gills41, I started using the Rebismart in January and I do not pay for it. Pathetic meds are delivered by Bupa once a month and there is a lot of support from the company that provide the Rebismart too. Hope this helps. Good luck for the future. Tracey. PS I’m in the South East - Kent.

Grrr. No idea where the word pathetic came from. That should have read ‘monthly meds’ sorry.

Thanks everyone… I’m meeting the MS nurse this week to make my decision on which drug… So fingers crossed I can get the rebismart. You are all so very helpful… Thank u so much xx

If you are so scared of the injections then why not ask your ms nurse about the new oral drugs?

Aubagio is a tablet and i believe its available now. Another tablet form is BG12 but is only available in Scotland at the moment - i think it might be available to everyone else in a few months time.

I have been on rebif (rebismart) for a few years. The injections don’t bother me but why struggle with injections if you don’t have to?

Ask your ms nurse about all your options

Best wishes


My MS nurse wants me to go on BG-12 when it’s available.

I can’t start meds at the moment for various reasons, but hoping the tablets are available in a few months when I’ll be able to start taking them.

If you’re afraid of needles, it’s definitely something to look into.

PG xx