Rebif injection's

Hi all , Just wondering what we all use before injection , hot or cold pad . I hate the cold therefore i use a hot pad , injections on my leg’s have been very stingy recently and then next day feels itchy anyone else get this ? I hate the cold so find it difficult to use a cold pad .

Thanks all , take care

Fiona x

Hi Not on rebif bur Copaxone. My legs are the worst, they eeact the worst and the stinging the other day made tears in my eyes. Only been using a cold pad as I don’t like the heat but that doesn’t work on my legs. Sorry can’t be more help. Sending you a ((hug)) Barney

I don’t use the pad at all for injection, sometimes it stings a lot (and will generally mark worse when this happens), but it goes quickly.

I take two ibuprofen about an hour before so that is already working when I do the injection, otherwise I get dreadful flu side effects.

Spoke to my Copaxone nurse today and she said a warm pad was better tha a cold one. Sogogoing to try that next time

I don’t use hot or cold pack. The injections on my thighs do sting more than anywhere else and sometimes my skin there gets very itchy but I rub Zerobase cream on them (my son has large tubs of it for his psoriasis). The stinging doesn’t last long and it’s a lot better than relapsing every few months which was my biggest fear before starting on Rebif :slight_smile:

PS - Very proud of my son. He is on methatrexate for psoriasis and the tablets were irritating his stomach to the point that he was being violently sick for many days after taking the tablets (only taking them once a week). Blood tests showed that his liver was fine so there was no other reason to discontinue the drug and it has helped his psoriasis enormously, which btw is also an auto immune disorder. So he has had to switch to injections and yesterday he self injected for the first time. He uses single use syringes, no auto injector available. He injected into his stomach and although he was very scared he managed it himself even though the nurse offered to do it for him this time. He is only 19 but like he says, it’s better to self inject than it is to be sick all the time.

Tracey x

You must be very proud of him for having such a mature attitude, Tracey.

I certainly am.