Rebif effectiveness after 4 months?

If an MRI (without contrast) done 4 months into Rebif treatment shows new lesions when compared with an MRI done 3 months prior to starting treatment, would the Rebif be considered ineffective? To add to this, there were new symptoms & worsening of existing symptoms only two months in. I was under the impression it took 6 months for Rebif to kick in. Thank you.

My neuro told me that a relapse was considered a treatment failure on Rebif only after six months. That doesn’t necessarily mean that other neuros think the same way though. If there were several new lesions and symptoms/relapses and there was a history of high activity, it might be more sensible to be on a stronger DMD anyway though. Rebif44 is the most effective of the injectables according to recent trials, but it’s not as effective as Gilenya and nowhere near as effective as Tysabri. Karen x

Tysabri sounds like it is much better 67% compared to 30% for rebif and you only have the infusion once a mth?how long do the side affects last for with Tysabri?i think i would rather take this than the 3 injections a week and not feeling myself.i know there is a chance of that PML but im willing to take the risk at 1 in 500.why dosent everyone go on this as 67% is twice as effective?

Tysabri is not available to everyone. It is only approved for people with highly active / aggressive RRMS and people who have new activity despite being on one of the injectables.

The risk of PML varies depending on JC virus status, if you’ve ever had steroids before and how long you’ve been on Tysabri. Based on the latest stats, the risk varies from almost zero to 1 in 94 (see the multiple sclerosis research blogspot for these).