Rebif and sickness bug

Quick question I am on rebif … my son has a stomach bug, is it likely I will get this? Tummy lil off now but that could be just the simple fact of cleaning the sick up. Thanks

Hi Lisalou,

Not on Rebif, but I don’t think it makes any difference to your chances. If you’re in the same house with someone with a tummy bug, I’d say that unfortunately, yes, it’s likely you will get it - but not because of Rebif. :frowning:

Hope you’re lucky, and manage to get away with it.



Hi Lisa

I don’t think you are any more likely to get the stomach bug than any mum is who has spent the night cleaning up after a poorly little boy (hope he gets better soon btw). I used to be torn between wanting to hug my son to make him feel better and not wanting his germs lol!! I was on Rebif for four years, as you know, and didn’t get any more stomach bugs than usual for three of those.

This year, however, I have already had five and I haven’t been close to anyone who has had them. I do work in a high school though but not in close contact with the students. I think my immune system has been severely compromised this year (oh joy) and I’m hoping I can make it to Christmas without any more. I’ve already had a day off with one this academic year and that wasn’t the plan at all :frowning:

Fingers crossed that Charlie gets well soon and that you and hubby stay fit and well for the foreseeable future.

Tracey xx