reasuring somebody.making someone happy

i was in my local post office today and someone asked how am i doing i explained doing a lot better since being on injections when a young lady asked have i got ms because she have just been diagnosed with ms and she was so worried about injections the future i just said no one no the future if you got ms or not you just got to make the best out of today and the injections are just another part of your daily routine and she smiled and said thanks and it made me feel a lot better that i could help someone and not feel so useless in myself which made me smile…x:-)

That’s really nice. You would have really reassured her.

I remember how frightened I was when first diagnosed.

Well done you!

Shazzie xx

Aw, that is nice to be able to give a little reassurance :slight_smile: It’s a stressful tme beng diagnosed even if there’s an element of relief :slight_smile:

Sonia x