Really confused

Little background: I’m 29, female and have been sick since I was 15. MS keeps getting bandied around, I see neuros who either say I don’t have it and nothing is there or in the case of my last neuro your lesions are in the wrong place and there is no point figuring out the cause. Tbh I just have been plodding along, dealing with my various diagnosis and just carrying on living best I can. In February I had a medial branch nerve block done. Bad thing is it gave me a leak on the spine. So that earned me a night in hospital. Anyway I was discharged and the doctor sent the discharge paperwork to the discharge lounge and we could collect it there. They were really lovely were the staff, no complaints. What shocked us was the secondary diagnosis section. It had my issues including my wonky blood (I now have the words to spell it from lol) and then it said this: MS? Literally MS and a question mark. Obviously with all this going off I haven’t felt like bothering my GP with this, more important things going off right now. My urologist said oh they must have finally seen sense and admitted you really do need properly investigating for it. He prescribed me Betmiga which is helping. But I’m really confused. Why would they put that on my discharge summary?

Hi, I think it`s time you did get a firm diagnosis.

Speak to your GP and let him take it from there.


I think once the current situation calms down, I will do. I need answers. I’m 29 in a few weeks. That is 14 years come this August of partial answers.