Reality check

Over the last few weeks I’ve been told by my gp that there’s no way I should be doing the hoovering - “its hard work and u need to get someone else to do it” . secondly the xray of my hips shows severe deterioration due to osteoarthritis and i’m waiting to see an orthopedic consultant having been told that I need two replacement hips…… Finally my application for a blue badge has been successful , meaning I can park legally on double yellow lines! Seems it might b time to face the fact that I’m now disabled huh? Such is life I guess, :slight_smile:

H x

you aren’t disabled hun as I am sure there are still loads of things you can do - think of it as alternatively-abled!!! Or un-enabled!!

Disabled always makes me think of a robot being switched off - too many sci-fi books in my impressionable years I suppose!!

Good luck with the hips hun

JBK xx

Awww thanks Kelly - I like the robot being switched off version of ‘disabled’ and that’s def not me….! Perhaps I’ll go for ‘alternatively-abled’ for now and new hips will make a world of difference I’m sure. :).


Hi, my m-i-l used to say she felt as if someone had put her brakes on…good analogy for slow and difficult walking eh?


My friend calls it differently normal :slight_smile: