Reading around the world

Yesterday I heard about a woman who has written a blog about reading books by authors from every single country in the world. It caught my imagination and made me want to do the same - to travel all round the world without leaving my sofa. The woman concerned did it in a year - I think it would take me more like ten. If anyone else is interested, here is her list of books by authors from every country on the planet.

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hi sewingchick

i’ve read a couple.

the kite runner and i recognise the author isabelle allende.

the book thief is wonderful and the whisperer is one of the books she has stolen.

no way can i manage them all.

i’ve got too many waiting on my kindle and too many paper books to get through first.

still it’s a good topic!

carole x

When I worked it out, I have already read books from authors from twenty different countries - so only 176 countries to go, for me. I’ve started at the Z end of the alphabet and have read really interesting books from authors in Zimbabwe and Yemen and a brilliant book from a Zambian author (Baking Cakes in Kigali, in case anyone’s interested).

Hi everyone. I’m new here! I’ve been reading through your comments and finding them very interesting. I’ve recently been diagnosed with ms, although I suspect I’ve had it for a long, long time. Two years ago I had what was diagnosed as bells palsy. However, it turns out it wasn’t bells palsy after an MRI showed t2 lesions on my brain. A lumbar puncture confirmed it all with clinical isolated syndrome. Things ticked along fine until a couple of months ago, I experienced a weakness in my left arm and fatigue has been immense. I have another MRI scan this Tuesday coming and if that shows even one more lesion when compared to last scan then it’s time to start meds. Now I understand the medication dampens down the immune system since ms is an auto immune disease, my concerns are will I come down with colds? Flu? I have always been one of the 'lucky people’s who don’t seem to get colds and illness.