Read this about research done in Canada (from JellyBean)


27 May 2012 at 10:21PM

I stand corrected.…

It appears studys have shown a certain hormone produced during pregancy may cure MS.

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It amazed me,I was doubtfull when I first read your origonal post on this subject and was to quick to comment.Then I found several websites about this subject of pregancy and MS.

It makes a darn good read and possible hope for younger women and men wanting to start a family and who have MS.

Sorry to be a party-pooper, but as it says in that article…

“”[The effect was found in] mice, not human beings. Multiple sclerosis is a human disease. It’s a big jump from the animal work to the possible human benefits," he said. “Other things have looked promising in animals but have not panned out in humans.”"

The effect of pregnancy on RRMS is well established: the risk of relapses fall during pregnancy, are higher in the first three months after the birth and then fall back to normal levels after this. So pregnancy itself does not cure RRMS: it basically gives some patients a reprieve, as well as potentially delaying the onset of SPMS (according to some research).

But I wonder what the effect is on PPMS or SPMS? Not a lot of news about that :frowning:

Karen x