Re: severe anxiety post

Thanks for all your replies, i got a lot of replies and didnt have chance to read them all that day, because for some reason my post dissappered !!! i was going to read them that night, i feel like giving up up with this new site.

jaki xx

Hi Jaki,good to hear to from you,don’t know why your post has gone,I was just begining to think everything was sorted on this board now…

Chat soon,xxjo

I sent a message to to one of the webteam asking what’s going on! xxjo

Hi Jo, Greg sorted my lost post out for me, so its back on now.

jaki xx

Hey Jaki,I see it’s back now,take care,xxjo

Jaki, I’ve just read your post on anxiety. I just wanted you to know at the moment I’m in exactly the same situation. I hope it eases for you soon.

Jacqui x