Re End of the line

I am feeling really crap about what may / may not have happened with poster Morenado. Trying to help someone virtually is so difficult.
It’s the not knowing and imagining all sorts that’s the worst thing. I hope Mods were able to reach out and get them help in time.

Have to admit I didn’t comment as I had no idea how I could help. They sounded so desperate. Well done for trying and hope they make it x

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Pretty much the same as Purple. I pretty much said I agreed with those above, helpful comments, and to talk to a professional. Think that was pretty much it. Didn’t know what else to say without risking making it worse. Do hope the guys getting the help he needs. :crossed_fingers: for him

I’m hoping that as it was an actual reach out here (maybe elsewhere too) that the person is actually looking for help, and the admin did get in touch and something can be done to help. My experience with suicide (unfortunately several people in my life) has been there was no reaching out before hand, no cry for help, so I have my fingers crossed that there will be an intervention.

With any luck, he’s still reading these posts and understands that we care.

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Hi, just to let you know, Admin added a message on the original post that they’re trying to contact the author. Also that help and support is available via the MSS helpline on 0808 800 8000 for anyone in need.

Val [Moderator]

He came on here in the late evening, the time when things always seem at their most bleak. Like all of you, I hope he is through the worst and getting the support he deserves. Wishing him all the best.

:frowning: I just read the post tonight and it’s really saddened me. I hope and pray that the kind words from you all helped and help was given. It must be awful to feel so low.