Hi all

just need a rant. I’ve had enough. Early 40’s, diagnosed 3 years ago, but have had it for 9+ years. Main issues are bladder and bowel issues and a weakness in my left leg leading me to limp sometimes.

for the second time in 10 days I’ve had diarrhoea and not made it to the loo in time. I’ve just had enough. I’m single (is it on the first or second date you tell people you use a catheter to pee and don’t have much control over your bowels???), and had been contemplating ivf (see above re being single) but now I realise how selfish I’m being. What kid would want a mum who could have a relapse at any time and in any case just (removed by moderator). themself with no notice. Admittedly the diarrhoea is rare, but I have bowel urgencies fairly regularly (I use suppositories on a daily basis to try and avoid that, but thdre’s nothing I can do about the diarrhoea).

it’s just (removed by moderator). that they can’t do anything about it. They can put men on the moon, but they can’t give us a halfway decent quality of life. I used to run and loved going for long walks, but now I’m scared to do anything in case I suddenly need to pee or have a bowel movement. And no one really understands. You tell people that you can only do a 30min walk and they still bring you out on an hour’s walk, so you end up with a UTI because of urgencies and you’re limping by the time you get back to theirs. I mean, just because I look ok, why can’t people listen to what I’m saying?

i dunno, sometimes i just think the best of my life is behind me. The future just looks bleak.

sorry, but I’m just so fed up with this illness and needed to get it off my chest.

Hi, a few years ago I had severe skits problems that was helped by a physiotherapist. Four times a day (if you can remember}, pinch your sphinter (sp) to half the full force for 10 seconds, release for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times and 4 times a day. It helped me as I used to look where I could take a dump if desperate while outside.

Oh dear but is it all down to your MS? I have opposite constipation. I hate it trying to relieve a tree trunk in the morning is hard work. the more stuff we take as well the more likely to have the RUNS. ALSO stress can cause IBS. my daughter had IBS so bad she lost a stone so fast as was constantly on the toilet. its not always down to MS.

I suffer with nocturia i can get up to my commode five times in a night easy.

are you RRMS are you on any dmd?

I know its not much fun really but it can be controlled. Have you been to your urologist nurse, mine was brilliant and has helped me with my constipation.

sorry your down

as to IVF why cant you be a mum? there are a lot of healthy mums out there who dont stay healthy.

big hugs. xxx

Crazy Chick - have you tried desmopressin for your nocturia. It is mentioned as treatment for nocturia in NICE guidelines for MS


Mn xx

I wonder if sacral nerve stimulation might be an option?

Hi Mn never heard of it, i only saw my urology nurse a few months ago and she never mentioned it. I am seeing my GP on tuesday if i get a chance i will talk to her but you only have a few minutes and i need to talk to her about something else. but if it would help i get so tired of using my commode all the time at night. trouble is my bladder isnt the best and once i am asleep i am sure it decides to empty lol. xx thank you though. it could be a help for me. x