rant , yes i know i shouldn't

I have found since my mobility has worsened certain people now will send me birthday cards that they didn’t in the past i am 55 and haven’t had cards from them since i was a child and none of my siblings get the same treatment, this morning received an Easter card, again why, even some friends are doing this. Don’t need your sympathy and don’t want it.

rant over


Hi Trish, without wanting to upset you, I think people are just being kind.

If you put yourself in their shoes, if you didn’t have MS and a friend or family member was dx with MS, wouldn’t you perhaps send them cards and just be a bit more thoughtful than usual?

I think many people find it very hard when someone is dx with a chronic illness. Some, as we all know, just disappear … don’t want to deal with it at all. Others try and be kind which I think your friends and family members are trying to be.

I would take it at face value. They obviously care about you and are aware what a hard time you are going through.

Food for thought?

Pat xx


Trish, I know where your coming from, you don’t need sympathy! You just need real friends. I have the opposite problem, since ive been ill and because I’m so house bound so often, and can not jump about and do what I used to and do what they are still wanting to do, so they just stopped contacting me altogether.

I have lost so many friends, people don’t call or text or send a card anymore, but hey oh, just got to get on with it.

Just enjoy the thoughts that are coming your way

Polly xxx

hi Polly and Pat

These same folk like you Polly have flown away and the only time i hear from them is these cards, I am the only one in my family that gets these cards and i know i am not their ‘favourite’ also i have had a year of certain individuals talking to me as if i am thick, my doctor laughed when i told her , and said god they are brave.So maybe a tad over sensitive, yes there has been a number of friends that have disappeared, but others have stayed the course and i thank MS for that because i know now the ones that i can rely on and afraid I don’t need sympathy , and what does it bring to the table nothing. I wish to be surrounded by folk that can laugh not big sad eyes.



My rule of thumb on cards is that I only made the effort, if it was for someone I was unlikely to see. I’ve seriously not sent a card in couple of years now. I was bad enough at posting before but now I can’t even buy a card unaided! So my Mum & Sister who enjoy crafting have just furnished me with a stash of cards.

My point is that a card is special and I’m sure nobody wanted you to feel anything other than that when sending you a card

Sonia x


Rant accepted, I think we are all in the same boat. I just accept it with all the grace I can muster through gritted teeth.

Never mind worse things happen at sea


PS did they send Easter eggs as well??

no they don’t and if i am being truthfully don’t want to go down the road of sending a returned Easter card, oh dear humbug me

have calmed down as i had a laugh with friend about it, he knows me pre MS days and we can have a laugh about it

We live with MS but the have to cope with us having it and not knowing Jack about it other than its not nice

I don’t get cards as much as I get phone calls now from family who never had much to do with me pre ms. My friend group has changed though. Some of the people I saw as friends wanted nothing to do with me once I got ill but I’ve since made some really good friends who care about me and actually get more upset if I lie to them with the “I’m fine” line I’m sure we all use.

In many ways I’m more content with my life now than I was before I became ill. That doesn’t mean I like being disabled, if there was a cure found I’d be among the first group pounding on the door of my Neuro.

Cath x