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Hi friends!

Just replied to one of our members here, who is at their wits end re caring for a family member with MS.

I have mentioned this body before, to a few people who are struggling to get help.

It seems the role of Community Matron is some big secret.

I found out about them, a few years back, when my ma in law was in a state. The CM jumpred into action and got things sorted for us. Then she came back to check on me and fetched me a bit of equipment i found invaluable.

So guys, please remember this body exists and tell anyone you think my benefit. CMs are attached to GP surgeries. I just read there may be some cuts (yawn!) to some CM posts.

luv Pollx

Hi, I`m a bit surprised that no-one has replied to this post.

Is it `cos Community Matrons are just a figment of my imagination?

nevertheless, i`ll still keep banging on about these wonderwomen…suppose there could be male ones too and why not indeed?

You know my job in my former life, was as Senior Tourist Information Assistant. I still cant stop telling folk what I know…or should that be what I think I know? ha!

luv Pollx.

I had a look online to see what you describe but found that you have to be over 65, with 2 or more disabling/chronic conditions and or have been admitted to hospital in the last 12 months. That is in my area anyway (Surrey). Guess its like everything else…depends where you Live X

Thanks for that Poll.

I must admit I have never heard of Community Matrons but I guess they are to do with the Community Nurses that go out and about helping people that can’t get to hospital/GPs.

Thanks for letting us know. Will have a look when I next go to the GP.

Shazzie xx

Community Matrons (Cornwall)

Our Community Matrons are highly skilled, experienced nurses based in General Practices throughout Cornwall. They support patients with multiple long term conditions and complex needs within the community.

Our Community Matron team works hard to improve the quality of life for patients and carers. The team also supports patients and carers to understand and manage their long-term conditions in the community, which can help to prevent avoidable hospital admissions and visiting A&E.

Community Matrons work with GPs and other members of the health and social care team to plan and deliver services to people with long term conditions. We provide thorough, ongoing assessment and identify individual needs to ensure the best personalised care for our patients.

Have to agree I too am in surrey and the ms care is rubbish.


Just checked. In my area, they only cater to those who are housebound, AND have multiple, complex conditions.

That could be me one day, but I’d have no chance of accessing them at the moment. Not sure I’d even qualify if I was already housebound, due to having only the one condition (touch wood).

I realise your post may have been aimed at those with more “challenging” needs.



Hi, ta for your reply. Well I wasnt, and still aren`t that age.

But perhaps she helped me as a knock on from ma in law, eh?


Hi, good to see my post did get attention afterall!

Yes, perhaps CMs do cater for the elderly, and more complex conditions, but having said that, there have been quite a few posts asking for advice re helping older relatives. So please keep this in mind when finding yourselves in that situation.



We wouldn’t dare to not pay attention to you.

And I wanted to bring this topic to the top again just in case some people missed it.

JBK xx

Polls advice is always good - and it just goes to show that help is there - but we do have to ask for it as the advice is not always offered freely.

A dear friend of mine - who has now passed away - she suffered with MSA. A severe type of Parkinsons. She had lots of care from AGE-UK. They would send someone to sit with her -take her out in her wheelchair etc.- giving her OH ‘time off’ to do some shopping/gardening.

Now she was only 49 - so you would not have thought AgeUk would have been involved - So this is just another aspect of care that could be available, to any of us who are on our own a lot.

There might be other organisations, who have volunteers to assist anyone with disabilities. Giving lifts to hospital/GP/Dentists or just to take shopping or to the park/pub/bingo - whatever floats your boat!!

Just someone to sit and natter with - cup of tea and a cream cake!

Hi Kelly, you make me sound like a right old matriarch! But then hang on a mo…yeh, I`m Boudica the Warrior afterall!

Hi Frances, glad you flagged up what/who AgeUK can do too. I did have someone from there help me with an appeal for DLA higher rate care, many moons ago.

I get quite incensed when folk (of any age) are struggling to find help. See, my old job made me that way.

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