Radon Therapy


Has anyone tried Radon Therapy? If yes, did it help in any way?

This is not for me, a friend is considering it-any information gratefully received.

She has looked at the website (plenty info appears in a search) but was hoping to hear of personal experiences.


Ellie x



Never tried Radon Therapy.

But, do a quick Google on Radon - and you will find out just how nasty the stuff can be.

Then Google for Radon Therapy.

Now form your own opinion. (Note that in the US, it is considered to be the biggest cause of lung cancer in non-smokers).


Hiya DrG and Val

Thanks for replying. Claims to stabilize the immune system Val.

When I had a quick look I was surprised if anyone would have tried it! But thought I would ask on here anyway.

E x