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I have not posted on here for a long time as I can usually get all my answers by reading other posts, but I have been offered radiotherapy treatment to slow the advance of my ms, does anyone know anything about this treatment other than it’s for chronic ms.  I have looked on the web and cannot find much at all.




It sounds like a way of knocking your immune system into submission without using chemicals, so 'praps it can be better controlled and MAYBE there are fewer side-effects.


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Hi Doris,

I hadn't heard of this before, so I resorted to my old friend Google: but like you, have been able to find very little about it.

I'm pretty sure it's not a standard therapy, so are you being offered it as part of some kind of trial?

Some trials have used radiotherapy as a precursor to stem cell treatment, but radiotherapy as a treatment in its own right seems even rarer.  You haven't mentioned stem cells, so I assume they're not proposing that?

I also assume it's the NHS who's offering, is it?  If it is any other organisation (e.g. private clinic) I'd be extremely wary of false promises and controversial and unproven treatments.

Sorry this doesn't help much.

Haven't you been given any info to consider?




I've heard on chemotherapy (Mitoxantrone) but not radio therapy.  I thought radiotherapy is a very direct treatment so when used for cancer treatment it us directed to a specific spot in the body (the tumour) and try not to affect the surrounding area of 'normal' tissue.  If they used it for MS, where would they direct it?



Hmm, like the above, I wondered if this is r/therapy or chemotherapy.  R/therapy is beams administered by a Linear Accelerator or similar whereas chemo would be a drug.   Latter is able to be offered by NHS to patients with the relevant clinical criteria whereas I have not come across R/therapy and did not think it was proven or NICE-approved.  Where are you having it?

I am interested to hear about radiotherapy treatment. My son is a radio therapists and as far as I know he has never talked about radiotherapy treatment for MS patients. Sorry I can’t help with any positive information.
Roberta x

Thanks everyone,

But as usual I got the name wrong it is chemotherapy not radiotherapy. Sorry for the mistake could still take some impute.