Qustion - hunger and symptoms

Just wondering… does anyone find any of their symptoms get worse when they are hungry? I have definately noticed my tremors get quite bad when i’m hungry Don;t know if my blood sugar levels get low, had tons of various blood tests but never get told what they are for, but assume they would look gor high/low blood sugar/diabetes? Would be interested to know if anyone else gets this? Thanks x

Yeah, low blood sugar affects my tremors and facial twitches. Tiredness too. Blood tests wouldn’t show if low blood sugar affected your symptoms though. only what it was there and then x

I can’t help you on that one Bunny as I never let my blood sugar levels drop. It is also why I am the size of a house!!!

Can you post this on EL as they might have more idea.

Angela xx

Lol you are not the size of a house Gel. I get “the rage” if I get hungry and bad vertigo. Hence I too try not to get hungry A

I’ve also found that low blood sugar makes my symptoms worse, particularly balance problems. On the plus side, I suffer from chronic muscle spasticity, so I’ve lost weight despite eating enormous amounts of food as my muscles are always contracting… I guess losing weight is always painful!