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Hi everyone. After 6 and a half weeks off work I went back yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s a relapse or just my immune system’s response to the DMD’s. I’m due to see my normal neuro on Monday. He is about as useful as a chocolate tea pot and doesn’t really answer questions properly. I’ve been having ALOT of problems with my back, I don’t know if this is MS related, how can you tell? I’m also having problems sleeping. I started taking amitryptiline again but it makes me very sleepy the next day. It’s more a problem getting off to sleep. Once I’m out, I’m out. Anyone have any advice for this? Lastly, what effect does starting a family have on recently diagnosed MSers who have only just started DMD’s. I know you can’t take them whilst pregnant or trying to conceive. But is anyone aware of any evidence to suggest being on DMDs for a certain amount of time before stopping to have a family is beneficial. Thanks in advance, Suz xx

Can’t really help with the back or sleep, sorry, but I remembered there was a recent study about DMDs and pregnancy. Here’s the abstract:

Pregnancy outcomes in MS’ers on DMTs

Epub ahead of print: Lu et al. Perinatal outcomes in women with multiple sclerosis exposed to disease-modifying drugs. Mult Scler. 2011 Sep 13.

Background: The incidence of disease-modifying drug (DMD) exposure during pregnancy in MS’ers is unknown and limited data exists regarding the potential harm of DMD exposure during pregnancy.

Objective: To investigate the incidence and effect of in utero DMD exposure on pregnancy outcomes.

Methods: A retrospective analysis by linking two provincial, population-based databases, the British Columbia (BC) MS database with the BC Perinatal Database Registry. Delivery (duration of the second stage of labor, assisted vaginal delivery and Cesarean section) and neonatal (birth weight, gestational age, 5-minute Apgar score and congenital anomalies) outcomes were compared between women exposed and unexposed to a DMD within 1 month prior to conception and/or during pregnancy.
Results: In all, 311 women with RRMS delivered 418 singleton babies between April 1998 and March 2009. 21/101 (21%) of births to MS women treated with DMD prior to pregnancy were exposed to a DMD. In all cases, exposure was documented as unintentional and DMD treatment was stopped within 2 months of gestation. The overall incidence of exposure was 21/418 (5%). DMD exposure was associated with a trend towards a greater risk of assisted vaginal delivery compared to the DMD naïve groups (OR = 3.0; 95% CI: 1.0-9.2). All other comparisons of perinatal outcomes were unremarkable.

Conclusion: The incidence of DMD exposure was relatively low and no cases were intentional. Further studies are needed to ascertain the safety of DMD exposure during pregnancy in MS.

“Although this study is retrospective it will give woman, or mothers-to-be, confidence about continuing the pregnancy if they fall pregnant whilst still on a DMT.”

I’ve copied and pasted this from the Multiple Sclerosis Research Blogspot. The comment in italics at the bottom is by Prof Giovannoni I believe.

If you search “interferon and pregnancy” or “Copaxone and pregnancy” in PubMed, you’re bound to get more.

Good luck with the neuro!

Karen x

Thanks Karen, I shall xx