Question re optic neuritis


I have ON in my Optic Chiasm mainly affecting my left eye but just before I got steroids it started affecting the right eye slightly. It’s been 6 weeks tomorrow and I’ve had two doses of steroids (5 days in total over two weeks). I’ve noticed some improvement in the last week, but the last couple of days my focus is a little off it comes in and out where as before even when my left eye was at it’s worst (like a cloud over the vision) the focus was pretty stable. I’m hoping this is my left eye improving and my brain working to put the two images together. Has anyone else experienced this? My left eye still has fog over it.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Kindest regards

Hi I have ON at the moment and was refused steroids as told research shows they don’t help. It’s been about 6 weeks for me so far including the fog/mist, there’s also a ghosting effect when looking at words so a prism will be fitted to me lenses to elp out. I also see colours differently from both eyes. The good news though is that things are improving slowly but surely.


Thank you for responding. I have the same fog/mist and words come in and out of focus. It’s been 6 weeks today for me and I had steroids. Little bit of improvement but would love for this fog to lift Do you get some blurring as it is improving? I’m really hoping and praying it’s because my eyes are improving and my brains working hard to focus on the new images

I have had several bouts of it, and yes told steroids dont help. my worse thing is pain, and sensitive to light. i get weird side vision too but also the ghosting effect when looking at things as well. mine has always improved but this last bout its a year on and still having issues. blurry, fog, light sensitive and pain when i move my eye. its better but each bout seems to be taking longer to sort itself out.

i have the tests now with the colour circles with numbers in, and my colour is way of base, some numbers i see and others are just a blur, seems to be red with blue and green i struggle with.

i had two VEPS both positive the first one was bilateral yet my right eye i didnt really notice much.

With my left eye I can’t do any of those colour tests. I can see that there is some different colours but can’t make out the numbers. This is my first ever experience of optic neuritis so it’s knocked me for six. Just praying it keeps improving.