Question for the ladies

Hi, my hubbie is booked in to see about having a vasectomy. We have both decided no more kiddies and he maintains even if we split up he wouldn’t want any more. However I am on the pill and cobsequebtly have no periods just occasional spotting. My periods as I remember used to be heavy and painful. Now if he had this op id obviously be coming of my pill shortly after. What I want to know really is do periods affect the m.s symptoms etc or is there no difference. Reason being if they did id rather stay on the pill with no periods which then seems silly for my hubbie to even have the operation? What’s your opinion? Xxx

My own experience of periods is that yes, when I’m premenstrual, it does make my symptoms worse. It may be worth chatting with your GP (or MS nurse - they will see a lot of ladies with MS), but if there is no health reason for you to stop taking it, I don’t see why you should.

As for the vasectomy, that’s entirely the decision of you and your hubs I’m afraid. Maybe he just wants to make sure that there will be no ‘surprises’? If it will give him peace of mind, then there is no reason for him not to go ahead if he really wants to.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Well if you do stay on the pill, then you`ll be doubly protected from any extras, because although it would be debateable as to how effective the snip is, there have been known cases of babies coming along, following vasectomy. I guess this is the same as the pill not being 100% at stopping babies being made.

Just my thoughts…dunnno if they are worthwhile or not!


l agree with the others Lisa. Research has shown that the pill does help with MS symptoms - kidding the body that it is pregnant.

So do keep taking it - perhaps there is a milder one. And of course with the pill you get regular checkups - which cant be bad.

So yes - if your hubbie has decided to go ahead with the vascetomy - then it is his choice. But no reason for you to stop taking your pill.

hello ladies, for a while now i have suspected that a week before my periods are due my symptoms get worse, mainly my mobility & leg weakness. to confirm this i documeted when my periods were due & the severety of my symptoms on a daily basis. my suspicions were confirmed, the same thing happened during this time.

it would be nice to hear from a few more ladies with their opinions. I am 48 at the moment & my periods are becoming less frequent, I suspect the menopause will bring more symptoms. Thanks for making this point LISALOU


Google -MS and Estriol.

l was on HRT for many years - now l use Estriol cream.

Hi everybody,

I agree with Sylvia that when I have my period my ms symptoms seem to worsen - legs weaker and overall a ‘drained’ feeling. My periods are quite heavy and very regular - eventhough I’m 46 now - and due to mobility am finding heavy periods very difficult to manage.

I’ve very recenly spoken to my GP about this and he has suggested depo provera injection which could stop periods completely. Just this month he prescribed a 28 day pill which is, he says, the same as the injection, as a trial - if I don’t have any adverse reactions while on the pill then I can get the injection.

I just hope that I don’t gain too much weight - as this seems to be one of the things on the injection.

Lisalou - I too think you should put some more thought into things before you decide to ditch the pill.

Good Luck x

Thank you everyone. This will probably put a smile on the hubbies face :wink: x