QUESTION!! Any info would be fab x

Hi all me yet again… Lol Calling any med bods out there!! Would an epidural leave a scar for an MRI to see?? Has anyone ever heard of and epidural causing neurological symptoms ?? Any info on this would be very helpful… Many thanks x

Hi there,

I’m not a medical bod, but I don’t think a normal epidural would leave anything to see on MRI, no. Nor would it cause neurological symptoms - beyond the intended anaesthesia at the time.

However, in extremely rare cases, an epidural that went wrong, or led to an infection might cause neurological problems. And if it formed a cyst or something, it might be possible to see that on MRI.

Just my thoughts, anyway. I don’t think a (rare!) cyst from an epidural would be confused with the demyelinating lesions typical of MS, though. I know you didn’t ask that, but as you’re posting on an MS forum…



Hi, I’m pretty sure if an epidural caused any problems, it would be evident once the anaesthetic wore off. During all my investigations, my epidural never came into question. Did you have one that has caused problems? Hope this helps. Sam