Question about PPMS and RRMS - symptoms

Hey gang,

So I am still in limbo land, and prbably wont know for a while, but let me ask you.

So, 3-4 months ago, it all started with dizziness, lightheadedness and tingly hands, that would come and go, and fall asleep at night. As it stands right now, the dizziness, lightheadedness, are gone,and the hands dont tingle as bad as the did. But about a month ago, I started with some eye floaters, sensitivity to light, and a tight, sometimes weak right knee. Also an on and off tender,stiff neck.
Would this be considered 2 relapses? One that started 4 months ago, and one that started last month? Or just one?

Because some of the symptoms are gone and better, does this mean RRMS? Or could it be PPMS because it doesnt seem like i had a big relapse, and because I am a 37 male, which I heard is the main average for PPMS.