Question about facial symptoms


I’m undiagnosed but have been suffering with symptoms that have led to MS being one of the possible diagnosis.

I’m seeing the neurologist in June - and although I know the internet can’t diagnose me, I was interested to get views on whether my symptoms sound similar to others.

The main symptoms initially were fatigue, headaches, interrupted sleep & achy legs / muscle pain. This led the GP to suspect COVID & Long COVID even though the tests came back negative twice.

I then developed strange sensations on one side of my face (mainly under my eyes / top of my cheek). It has been like this for about two months but has gradually progressed to a burning sensation (that is worse when I’m tired or hot). It is always there but sometimes feels like it spreads to my ear or across my nose. It also feels like it is causing pressure on my ear (like it needs to pop all the time).

If I push myself too hard with work or even walking then I pay the price as it absolutely wipes me out and I end up needing to sleep. The irony is that I can’t sleep at night and will wake 5/6 times in average.

My bloods came back positive for autoimmune but the GP didn’t understand them (said it was beyond his expertise & said I needed to discuss with a neurologist or rheumatologist).

I also had a CT scan that was clear but not sure what that means as I’m led to believe it would only highlight a head injury, tumour or stroke.

Any thoughts would be appreciated…

CT scans are pretty useless for people like us, and my legs used to hurt so badly at night that I’d fall asleep crying sometimes. MS can cause nerve pain everywhere, but have you also looked into Lupus? I’m no expert, but your facial discomfort sounds more like that than it does MS.

Something to think about! I have had TIA’s which are mimi strokes and can cause reactions similar to MS or larger strokes. I fall a lot - 5 boken feet to date. I know most people have only two feet. But I have had multiple breaks due to the blood flow in my body. The worst was when I was working toward a triple by-pass, the TIS’s have caused distortions in my face and eye lids. You may very well have MS but if I continue on my current path, I am told that my brain will cause me to exhibit early on-set dementia or a progressive for of MS. I am simply agreeing that you should keep reaching MS options but look for other illness options as well.

Hey @Veendam47 - thanks for the reply & advice. Sounds like you’ve been through a tough time.
Early on-set dementia is on the list too as I’ve suffered a number of concussions through sport over the years.
Take care

Thanks @NorasMom - I appreciate the reply. Lupus is one of the other possibilities it seems, especially given the positive autoimmune test.
I didn’t think the CT was the right test so will see what the neurologist thinks.
The leg pain is bad, it feels like a ten tonne weight on my legs and that the energy is draining away from me.
I hope you are doing ok

I wish you luck, as you appear to be headed for a difficult time, as I am as well. It is possible your concussions are at the root of your problems. I wish you much luck and God speed. I am always here if you need to share your thoughts. Jim