Question about Extensor spasms

Hi everyone, I’m Mags and I have a question.

Is extensor spasms in the legs unique to MS only or is it a symptom of other conditions? I have fibromyalgia but I have had some of these extensor spasms when I am sitting with my feet up or lying in bed.

Hi Mags,

I don’t think there’s any symptom in the world that’s “unique to MS” - if there was, it wouldn’t be such a beggar to diagnose!

It can doubtless be caused by other things as well, but I know very little about fibromyalgia, so can’t comment on whether that’s one of them. I’ve never thought of fibro as being associated with spasms, but that’s not much of a guarantee, as I’ve never really looked into it.


Hi Tina,

thank you for your comment. Cramps and or spasms are symptoms of Fibromyalgia also, but I was feeling concerned because of the nature of the spasms I sometimes get (Extensor). I do loss balance at times too which made me wonder if I could possibly be having symptoms of MS.

Fibromyalgia and MS do share some similar symptoms but I could be just jumping the gun.