pumpkins out !!!!!!

Anyone bothered ??? Done my pumpkin, but really can’t be arsed. … Happy Halloween anyways !!!

l did not want to be caught out - like last year - with no suitable ‘treats’ for small children knocking our door. Last year, all we had was chocolate liquers and aftereight chocs. Leftover from the previous xmas. We do not eat sweets/biscuits etc.

So l have just made a pile of gingerbread men and teddies. And put the outside lights on in the drive. l think we get so many children come because of our dogs. The children - in the village all love them - and the dogs love them. Two large Rotties and a Romanian sheepdog. Even in ghoulish fancy dress - l know they will recognise the children.

l expect it will kick-off in the middle of Strictly - so shall have to put it on record.

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Oooh gingerbread men. My favourites !!!

Could you send a gingerbread man or two in this direction if I promise to wear a scary mask while I eat them?

Bah Humbug!


Na, hate humbugs. More of a haribo dude. Oh, the fried eggs !!!

The missus dressed up the front garden with an ‘Evil Dead II’ theme; an absolutely grotesque pumpkin; chainsaw and necronomicon in the window; a witch under a trap door coming out of the lawn; a couple of standard blanket ghosts swinging from the tree; a few bats here and there… quite terrifying given the moody weather.

We still had 80+ trick and / or treaters come by.

Just as well most of the choccies are gone; they’re not Swank compliant.

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l made about 50 gingerbread men and teddies… left the lights on in the drive and porch. Did they come - no they didn’t. One of my neighbours did get caught out - she said she had 6 little ones at her door. Like me - she never has biscuits/sweets etc in the house.

All she could find was a box of very expensive chocs given to her last xmas - so she opened them and put some into a bag for the children.

Now where do l sent these gingerbread men to?

Awesome! You get photos ??? It’s one holiday I don’t mind sharing across the pond.

I have a couple if you’re delivering to Sssssue !!! :smiley:

What a shame those children missed out on the gingerbread. I could find a few a home!!! (Hah, their loss!!)


arent our brains wonderful things?!

saw the heading and went off in a tangent re danny bhoy who is a fantastic comedian and tells as story about being in oz and a rather unusual expression! (will send via pm if u want-cant say on here!) oh its nothing to do with pumpkins but heyho!


I bought a large bag of Hallowe’en sweets in for the kids. There’s usually quite a lot of them knocking at the door. The scary thing is some of them were students just a few years ago at the school where I work and now they have littl’uns of their own that they bring round trick or treating. I must be getting old.

I still have a large bag of sweets because when I realised Strictly was on so early, I couldn’t be bothered to put my pumpkin out either. It’s not the same watching Strictly later on iPlayer. The kids round here are well trained. If you don’t put out some Hallowe’en decorations then they don’t knock on your door.

Drumstick lollipop anyone? Yum! I’m getting through them …

Tracey x

l am still eating the gingerbread men and teddies l made - Started by eating the ‘para- gingerbreads’ first. That is the ones whose arms and legs got broken - or mis-shaped. Cook’s perks!!

They ‘dunk’ well.