Proof of Evidence

I’m currently struggling to understand why my private Ill health retirement pension provider wants more proof than the DWP! The DWP reassess me every three years. The Neurologist informed me that my condition will continue. It will never improve, it may stay the same, but it could get considerably worse. The private pension wants proof from my GP every year. This costs a small amount. The private pension provider won’t accept the letter of three years validation from the DWP, unless it has been made in the last twelve months. I just cannot understand their logic. Do people actually improve from Primary Progressive and my neurologist isn’t aware, and I really would love to improve.

Hi, I don’t know everything but I wondered if a letter from a social worker or ot would be enough, I dont think they would charge. Unfortunately with everything they make us jump through hoops. My son has aspergers which is an autistic spectrum disorder and I feel sick of proving everything, he was on indefinite dla until they changed it now he has to be assessed again in two years time . Interestingly my two daughters with autism and learning difficulties are on indefinite pips. Thankfully the Gp didn’t charge my son for a short letter but some do . I think it’s so unfair that we are made to prove everything it’s almost as if they think we are trying to commit fraud . I hope you get the support you need . Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi. Michelle is right, you’re very unlikely to ever be symptom free again unfortunately. We do occasionally have episodes where symptoms get much worse for a short time and ease up a bit again but progressive ms doesn’t go away. I think a lot of these institutions don’t know there are different types of ms, so they think we all have times of remission. It’s the same with UK benefits, we have to reapply every few years and they write to our GP’s or Neuro’s for confirmation. It makes me want to scream as my concentration is poor and the thick booklets they send are intimidating. I overcome this by photocopying my completed forms and then only have to make a few changes as needed each time.

I don’t know any way to get round applying annually unless your Neuro or GP could write and inform them that your illness is progressive. My mum is well and still has to send proof of life forms to her pension company every year, so you might find that it is just their policy. A letter stamped by the police to prove you’re still alive might be acceptable, which they do for free.

Good luck with it.

Cath x

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