Professor Giovannoni’s take on vitamin d3

There is some useful information concerning vitamin d3 on the MS Research blog today. However, it doesn’t mention the value of getting your level tested first, which was highlighted by Rizzo in the below post.

The case for vitamin d3 supplementation is pretty unarguable in my view, but it is now clear that you need to have your levels monitored regularly too.

Thanks for that, whammel.
I was seriously considering starting D3 when rizzo posted her warning.
My last Neuro did not believe in vitamin supplements.
I e-mailed my MS Nurse, and asked for he opinion before starting.
She replied that the new Consultant Neuro was a firm believer in D3, and she suggested that I start.

I figure that one 5000iu capsule every two days should be safe (until my next routine blood test), and it looks the most cost effective as well.

Incidentally, the Falls Survey on Professor Giovannoni’s blog has some questions about supplements and blood tests that make me wonder why the questions are being asked (maybe some areas are not testing for the things that matter).


Thanks Whammel. I have been taking 4000iu on my neuro’s advice for a couple of years now when I was found to be very deficient. (Only 30nmol/L) I get my blood checked every 3 months but still struggle to get above 90nmol/L but at least it is consistent.

Nice to know my neuro is correct.


Wow i appreciate you for posting such info basically we know for a fact that its the most important substance but the thing is we need to take care of the source we are getting it from.I am liking the article that you have shared keep sharing things like they will help us a lot ahead.