Process of eliminations

Hi every one Can I just say 1st that I am a happy go. Lucky person and not depressed in any way and Not diagnosed and hope not To be my neuro symptoms started about 2 years ago Numb hands,and very weak on my right side referred for possible cts Server pain in lower back and hips mainly worse. In a. Night to the point I have to count before. Moving as it takes my breath away and then lingers throughout the day lumber Mri completed no damage To nerves

I started having blurred vision I just could read. Normal sized writing but left this for a. Long time as. I was. Caring for my. Dying father by the time. I did go. To the optician my eye sight was ok I have tightness of. My. Right calf. And sometimes. It feels. It. Is burning. Hot or freezing cold. But. To. The touch it is normal so. I told the Dr. Who sent me. For lots of blood test and xray on leg everything came back OK Then I have been Having what feels like numb right toes when I am Resting but both feet feel warm to the touch I was. Referred for physio for cts but physio was. Not convinced it was and thought I had t4 syndrom but sent me for more different blood test I think to see. If I had oa or infections anywhere that would warrant my. Muscle weakness mainly on my. Right side the bloods came. Back ok she sent me for nerve conducting test and. Came back with nerve damage but she. Was. Still not convinced it was Cts due to my. Other symptom. So. She sent. Me to another specialist. In hand. And wrist who then advise that the physio was right to refer so. She then sent. Me for cervical mri as. I was.also.getting.shooting pains. Out of my thumb Like electric, mri came Back with normal ware and tear for My age I’m 43yrs and have hyper mobility., but the specialist advised. That she was Still concerned. About all my Other symptoms And sort of put. Them. All together and. Asked. Me. Back the following day for a physical examination. She advised I have weakness to my. Right side and brisk reflexes. And also there. We’re parts. Of. My back and legs. That she touched that I could hardly feel as. If She was Touching Me With a.Tshirt on less sensitive I have a fluttering the bottom of my foot but don’t know what that is So she referred me. To neuro and feels. That everything musculoskeletal has been ruled out, I have also been referred. To rheumatology. As I do Have arthritis in foot but suffer. With server back and hip. Pain and electric shitting. Pains. In feet hands neck and wrist I am now getting tingling all over my. Face it. Does not hurt but feels like some one is pulling. My. Pony tail fight and I’m. Having a face. numb and also round my. Right cheek Last week I have been. For a 6 minute appointment with neurology yes 6 minutes Who. Said. He. Does. Not think. It is neuro but has. Sent. Me. For a. but had Sent me for brain mri which is in a few days time Last week. I. Also. Saw a rheumatologist who was lovley and spend time. Doing. An examination he advised that he Wants my send all my Test and blood Information to him as he does not Think It Is Anything as Serious a. aBrain tumour. But can’t. Rule. Anything out and needs. To see. What my brain mri comes Back with but because I Said I. Want More Self. Help. Than being on pains meds gabapentin he is referring me. For acupuncture and hydrotherapy So. I. Do not. Have a. Clue what is. Going. On I don’t know what I have but. I suppose it. Is the process of eliminations as. I don’t want. To be diagnosed with anything nasty.

over the past 2 years i have had all bloods check for the normal stuff like LFTs, vitamin deficiencies, hormones, diabetes etc as my GP though i may have fibro which i don’t think i have as i am a happy person with no sensitivity i feel desensitised , all bloods have came back normal and i have had them done 4 times

i do have constipation which i have had fro a long time and i have ADHD and Dyslexia so i do apologise for the mistakes,

H i G i l l i a n o.

  • I h a v e u s e d d o u b l e s p a c i n g t o t r y t o h e l p.
  • Dy s l e x i a m u s t b e h a r d & y o u r p o s t n e e d s

p a t i e n c e f o r y o u t o t y p e.

  • Y o u r p o s i t i o n o f w a i t i n g i s q u i t e n o r m a l.

  • I t t a k e s a g e s t o r u l e o u t o t h e r st u f f.

  • MRI b r a i n s c a n w i l l r e a l l y h e l p d o c t o r s t o f i n d o u t w h a t i s g o i n g o n.

  • P e r s o n a l l y, I w o u l d t r y a d i f f e r e n t

N e u r o l o g i s t.

  • T h e y d o n’t a l l k n o w a l o t a b o u t M.S.
  • Y o u h a v e g o t e n o u g h p r o b l e m s

a l r e a d y & n e e d a c t i o n.

  • A s k a n y N e u r o o r o t h e r D o c t o r i f t h e y c a n

c a t e g e g o r i c a l l y r u l e o u t a l l 4 t y p e s o f M.S

  • W a i t i n g a r o u n d i n l i m b o i s h o r r i d. W e 'v e a l l

b e e n t h e r e.

  • G O O D L U C K






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Hi and thanks for the response I have been for brain mri this morning I’m not a worrier at all but was in tears by the te. I left, I had the normal brain scan when it stopped the radiologist spoke to me through the speakers. And advise me to stay in the machine as. She Needed to get my neurologist, I didn’t question why at the time. But 10 mins. Later. She came back and applogised as could not find. Him. So let. Me. Out. Of the mri machine and asked me. For my number as she may. Need me. To. Come. Back very quickly, I don’t know why she left me in the mri machine. And. What the urgency was to get a. Neurologist to come and. Look at the scan, I. Sat in hospital them the radiologist called. Me. Back and said. She could not. Get hold of my. Neu9 but asked another one to have a. Look at the scan and then. Advised.that I don’t. Need to go back in but a. Neu9 will contact. Me.i asked. If they’re. Was. Anything wrong. She advised that can’t tell me but they will be in touch soon I said will it be in a. Few. Weeks but she advised. That it should be sooner and. If it’s. Not contact the neaurolist, she advised. Me. That my scan has been looked at and will be. Wrote up soon I am. Shitting. Bricks now. And the worse thing is when. I gave the radiologist my. Phone. Number I could see. My. Mri. Scan on the screen and. Could clearly. See what I believe to be lesions

Hi there Gillian,

Wow, I can see why you’re concerned after an appointment like that! It would have put the wind up any of us.

It sounds like the hospital will be in touch pretty soon, but if they’re not, then try telephoning your neurologist’s secretary. You won’t be able to speak to the neuro, but you might just move things along a bit, and you’ve nothing to lose by trying.

I hope you get some answers soon.


Hi Ben I really hope so I just hope it’s nothing nasty as iv always thought if it is Ms then the neuro won’t be in no. Rush to get. In contact or. Will. They¶¶¶ Has any one else experienced being left in the mri. Machine whilst radiologist goes. Looking for. There neurologist

Hi Gillian

No I’ve not experienced that. Really bloody scary though.

Not surprised you are still feeling the shock and fear.

I hope you get a phone call soon and if not, as Ben said, phone the neurologists secretary.


Thanks Sue I was. Totally bewildered and iv looked on lots of experiences on this site and mri test to see if any one has gone though this but can’t find aything I have also posted this on a new thread just in case someone spots it and. Has had the same thing happen to them. Any way it’s. Friday so onwards and upwards can’t wait.