Problems with cannula removal


I was wondering if anyone has had what I am experiencing. I went into hospital on monday as an outpatient for 3 days for IV steroids treatment. Although the cannula was left in each day, there were problems flushing them so I ended up having a new one in each day. On the tuesday when the nurse attached the drip to the cannula in my hand from the day before, it was painful as the drug was administered. I could only tolerate it for so long until the doctor set up a new cannula in my arm and the nurse took the other one out. Where the cannula was removed from my hand is so sore. A bit further up the vein to where it was put, I keep getting a lump on the vein (like a hard bulge in the vein) and terrible pain in my hand/wrist. Then the lump will go after a short while along with the pain. This has kept happening randomly since wednesday, is it normal? I can’t grip things with that hand due to sharp pain in my hand.

My other hand where I had a cannula in is fine and is pain free.

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated xx


Sounds like the cannula had moved out of the vein so the medication was passed into the surrounding tissue - this would explain the lump and the pain you describe, however I don’t know why it would disappear and randomly reappear… Don’t know if it is still used but when venflons tissued we applied a kaolin (not sure re spelling) poultice to relieve pain and inflammation…

It is called phlebitis and is an inflammation of the vein. No big deal although it can be ridiculously painful. It should resolve in a week or so and in the meantime try and ease it with a heat pack on the sore part. Wrap it in a bandage too to protect it from being banged as it will be excrucitaing if you knock it by accident. If it gets red or hot or more swollen or if it hasn’t resolved in another week get your GP to check it out but it really should be fine in a few more days.

I often get phlebitis after steroids as they are notoriously rough on the veins as a medicine. :frowning: