Probably a daft question

I know this might sound daft but I can’t get my head round it! If my lesions are caused by my immune system attacking the myelin then is it a bad idea to choose foods that are known to strengthen the immune system? I’ve just got this (maybe odd) idea that if my immune system is stronger it will be doing more myelin munching!

Hi Sunflower,

I don’t think it’s a daft question at all! I don’t know much about which foods are supposedly immune-boosting - and I probably wouldn’t avoid them anyway, as part of a normal balanced diet - but I certainly avoid like the plague all supplements promoted as “immune bosting”, for exactly the reason you’ve said. Echinacea and ginseng are two I won’t take, just in case. I don’t know if there’s much scientific validity to claims they boost the immune system anyway, but I don’t want mine boosted, so why take the chance?

If it’s too trigger-happy already, the last thing I want is to give it more ammo!


Yeh, makes sense what Tina said. But if someone knows they feel much better on this or that supplement, then that`s good.

But we are constantly bombarded by ads for all sorts of wonderful potions.

Our spacejacket (Frances) is a lady of many years of experience in finding out what works for her. If I know of anything that I think could help others, I do pass the info on.


I asked the same question of my neurologist, many moons ago, and got a good old-fashioned Harrumph! as an answer. In other words, (according to him) claims you see on expensive foods and supplements about ‘immune-boosting’ are all hot air, so stop worrying and don’t waste money. I was very happy to accept this advice! Alison

Hmm. Thanks guys. Glad it wasn’t a crazy idea! I’ll carry on as I am and do a bit more research. I’m quite intrigued by the immune system side of things. I felt as if I was starting with a cold yesterday and was fascinated that in other respects I felt better than I had for months! Less tired and brain fog lifted. Made me wonder whether it was because immune system had something else to fight with :slight_smile: