Private neurologist recommendations please

Hi please can you recommend any private neurologists please? I am in oxford so the closer the better but I can travel for a great one. Thanks for any help. Emma

Hi Emma,

Have you had a bad experience with an NHS neurologist, or do you just want to be seen quicker?

Most NHS neurologists work in the private sector too, so if you don’t have any issues with your local NHS neurologist, but just want to be seen sooner, research (or ask your GP) whether they see private patients too.

I was diagnosed on BUPA, but kept exactly the same neuro when I switched to the NHS.

In fact, he made that clear from the outset (in case I was worried about the money). He said: “Don’t worry, you’ll still stay with me, whatever.” When the insurance company stopped paying (as they do, once you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness), he just referred me to himself on the NHS.