Private Message Spam

A number of you have reported receiving private message from a certain Mike Keyes. The messages haven’t been sent to everyone but they all have a similar story…and were posted under the username ‘keyesgood’

It appears that Mr Keyes became a member, then chose to start sending sales/spam PMs to individuals prior to starting any threads or posting any comments.

You can rest assured that Mr. Keyes profile and all content posted under that username have been removed from the site.

We apologise for any distress this may have caused. If you would like to know more about MS and diet, we suggest you read this blog from the research team:

It states: “Some people say a specific diet has kept their MS symptoms at bay. But these diets don’t work for everyone and there’s currently no conclusive scientific evidence to suggest they’re effective.”

We are investigating this issue further and would advise forum users not to engage with unsolicited PMs and report anybody asking for payment of any kind.

Best wishes



Thank you, Stewart.

When tiresome spammers learn to punctuate and use a dictionary, they will be harder to spot!


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Hi Polar Bear,

While having a list of moderators names may at first seem helpful, it is neither practical nor the most efficient way to draw attention to potential issues.

We have a very limited team at the moment, which basically boils down to Val and myself. We are currently employing an external company to moderate during out of hours- and they have a rotating team of staff- who’s names change all the time.

The facility to ‘report’ a post is still the fastest and most powerful way to draw attention to a pressing issue on the forum. When a post is reported, a notification is sent to all moderators- and several members of the digital team. This acts as an official record and means that the report is there and visible to everyone who comes on duty.

If you sent a private message to me- and I happened to be on holiday or ill, nobody would know about that- and none of the other staff would be able to follow it up. It would just be sat in my inbox, while the issue could possibly be escalating.

Report it- and it will be recognised by the official channels. It’s best that all incidents are dealt with using full transparency and accountability

So, please use the report facility. Hope that makes sense

Best wishes,



Thankyou for letting us know how things work.

Much appreciated.