Prison for life

Hello folks, on the 2nd of August 1975, a shy young girl of 21 heard the words, for life, she then changed her name and began a sentence that she never ever envisioned. She was incarcerated in a private establishment, then after several months, in a community establishment. She was here for several years, bearing her jailer two children, she moved to a bigger place, which after several years went private. She moved to another private run establishment, and was told that it was the last move. Over the years she has endured many stressful turns of events, which she has bore without complaint. She has undertaken various tasks with different levels of success, the most successful being woodwork and painting and decorating. Her tablet has become a legend and is first item on the list in any charitable event. Parole is not an option open to her, walking away was never on her mind, nor does she anticipate asking for early release. She has taken on more and more work, with more stress, with no thought of herself, help is offered to all around her. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Ellen, my wife of 40 years, Brian

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Happy anniversary.

Jan x

Congratulations Brian and Ellen, happy anniversary


Congratulations :slight_smile:

Yeh Bri, most of our carers could be described the same. My fella looks worn out some days, bless him. He is my rock.


Happy anniversary Ellen and Brian. Have a wonderful day.

I have a good un too!! 25 years in March. Bless all our lovelies.

Shazzie xx

Happy Anniversary to ou both

Sonia x