Pressure on bridge of nose for a week

Has anyone else had this ? I’ve had it before after wearing glasses or sunglasses. I wore my sunglasses about a week ago and the pressure on the bridge of my nose just won’t go away. It has happened before, where the pressure lasted a day. But it’s been almost a week and it’s there still, all the time. It’s very irritating. The only relief I get is when I pull my skin around that area up with fingers. Any advice appreciated ? It’s very annoying !

As someone who’s worn glasses since I was 6, this is actually a common problem for me. Usually it’s when my glasses have gotten bumped and the nose piece doesn’t fit right. All I can suggest is to ride it out and get new sunglasses!

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Personally i think our skin becomes more aware of things, and like Norasmom said you might need to get new sunglasses. I find my glasses make me feel like my nose has swollen, more so when i am hot and glowing lol.

but it is usually just the tension on my the glasses needs adjusting, but yes i do understand what you are saying.

I’m not sure there’s any hidden MS malevolence here, this has happened to me for years, long before my diagnosis. I tend to fold up a piece of soft tissue and place on the bridge of my nose, glasses on top. Relieves the pressure no end and usually clears up in a couple of days. Obviously I don’t wear it out… Lol… but around the house is fine.

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Thanks everyone ! The feeling is still there !! So annoying.