Pressure boots and spasms!

Hi there! We are new to this forum. I am a full time carer for my husband who has SPMS. Does anyone else have this problem…My husband wears pressure relief boots in bed but has leg spasms during night which make the boots move out of place and causes discomfort. He is taking baclofen which has calmed his legs down… But still very much a problem…does anyone have experience of boots that work with spasms? Neither of us are getting enough sleep and haven’t for a long time… which is impacting us very negatively. Thank you and hope you re all doing well!

Hi, Looking at the problem from a different angle, some find that taking a magnesium supplement or magnesium spray helps with spasms. Anthony

Or try a different drug, probably as well as the Baclofen. I was having spasms all night until I started taking Cloneazepam as well as Baclofen.

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Many thanks Albert! I think I sent you a private message by mistake. But as I know others read the threads for info…I’ll just say …we have tried that and may need to up the dosage …but hasn’t been the solution as yet. Many thanks though

Hi Sue… Being new I made a mistake and sent you a private message… Meant to post publicly! Thanks for your advice… We will look into Cloneazepam as well. May I ask you, have you found these drugs affect your breathing at all? Thank you for welcoming me to the forum

Not a problem. No the drugs haven’t affected my breathing. And I had to have a breathing test last year before having an operation (to make sure I could be taken off the breathing gear since it was a longish operation) so I know my lungs work OK.

I just read your reply to Anthony (AD) too, be careful about upping the dose of oral magnesium, it acts as a laxative in higher doses. (I have found this out myself!) I should try a magnesium spray rather than too much magnesium taken orally.