I’m glad I’m not the only one that is aware of a ‘Presence’ at times. The other night I heard footsteps on the hall floor, so much so I called ‘put the light on’. There was no squeaking of the floor boards (they squeak even if lightly walked on). I wasn’t really spooked by it, but very aware… Other part of your thread Pat, 1 part linseed with 2 parts water, it’s tasteless but I have to take a little yoghurt with it and a small bowl of All Bran, I it eat dry while drinking water It may sounds weird but it worksTake care be safe M

God I’m so stupid… I’ve got linseeds and took them everyday for ages… and recommended them to others on here… and then for some unknown reason forgot all about them!!!

Thanks M… I’ll start on linseeds again today!

I wonder how much the sense of a ‘presence’ is again our MS brains making up things that aren’t there.

I get so much movement in my vision… side of vision… begins with p… periphery… got there… yes lots of movement in periphery vision and I always think it’s a mouse or a rat. So much so that part of my brain can ‘see’ the rat!

Also with the strange ‘touching’ sensations on legs and sometimes body… I often jump in night and push duvet off and look around room feeling sure that something or someone brushed against me. Spooky.

The strange, strange world of MS.

Another hot one folks… keep cool… and M, thanks hon,

Pat x


That’s what happens in my vision at the side, I very often think

what’s that and look around and nothing is there. It’s strange cos

I really think I see something moving.

This illness really takes the p***.

Take care everyone, another very hot day here and humid…horrible.

Pam x

Pam, I asked my optician about it. He said it’s the nerves in eye causing it… and yes it is another damned MS thing!

Pat x

Pat, A quick question re: the linseeds. How do you eat it - do you sprinkle it on cereal or something? Also, how much at a time please? Thanks, Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, yes… sprinkle on cereal, soup, yoghurt or salad (I just ate a salad and forgot again!). I use about a heaped tsp full at time… but more if you like.

They taste of nothing much really but are a great aid to bowel function (now didn’t I put that in a nice and dignified way?).

Have a good evening,

Pat x

Thanks so much Pat - I will have a go. Extremely dignified - well done! Teresa xx

Wow, if I call ‘put the light on’, f all happens.

My optician was sure I had ms 2 years before I got my diagnosis. I constantly see movement in peripheral vision. Neighbours probably think I’ve schizophrenia as forever looking or talking to unseen beings. He said it’s something to do with short circuits between eyes and brain. On the bright side I’m never lonely.

I have little tiny mice running across my terrace…strangely though…they always run from right to left. MS nurse says it quite common. Nina

Linseeds, I put 1/3 in a small glass and add 2/3 water, it forms into a sort of ‘jelly’ I then take one spoon of the ‘jelly’ with a little yoghurt. It’s probably is about 3 tablespoons, it works… ’Presence’ way back, 2007 when this all started and they didn’t know what Neurological problem I had or whether it was fatal. I had my first MRI scan, while in the ‘tunnel’ thinking I was going to die. I was aware of my Mum who had died 2003 and my Father who had died 1969 reassuring me that it was going to be okay. I actually came out of the tunnel crying and the technian said that people react all sort of ways and gave me a tissue. Take care folks and be safe, M