Pregnancy and MS symptoms


Am I right in thinking pregnancy can make ms symptoms lessen for a while? If so, how soon do they come back and does breast feeding make them stay away longer?

This subject has been covered on the Barts Blog and worth doing a search. “The prospective study from the German MS and pregnancy register confirms that breastfeeding exclusively for a period of 2 months lowers your risk of having a relapse. Woman MSers who did not breastfeed after delivery were 1.8X more likely to have a relapse compared to those who chose to breastfeed. These results mirror the meta-analysis Julia Pakpoor in our group did 3 years ago (see below).” Multiple Sclerosis Research: ClinicSpeak & ResearchSpeak: breastfeeding reduces the risk of relapse

has anyone come up with a reason why breastfeeding lowers the risk of the mother having a relapse?

i suspect it’s because it is a natural thing and natural things are good in this era of additives and meddled with food.

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