Hi Rob and Poll, No dizziness today just a bit of a head ache, had my flu jab yesterday so might be a reaction to that. All symptoms are still there and blending into one! Lol. I was told at work that I’ve been started on quite a high dose of pregabalin to begin with. They seemed quite surprised but not surprised at side effects. Will persevere for the month and then review. (I work in a GP surgery). Hope your side effects are settling Poll. Jane x

Hi Jane and Poll,

Not sure I’d want to go to max strength, might be a bit too interesting, not to sure what is side effects or symptoms at the moment. I have been told by neuro doc that she feels I have MS, I have an MRI on the 11th November, will know more then. I also have a recently discovered very underactive thyroid, a lot of the MS symptoms doc spoke of I have had on and off for the past ten years, put it all down to always pushing to hard at work and possible injuries from cross country cycling.

Have got MS in family, not sure what my father’s illness was…

Hope you both feel a bit better soon

Rob x

Hi Poll, hope,you are well. I have doubled my dose of Pregabalin today. Having been off work with flu all week was a bit apprehensive, fingers crossed any side effects don’t last. I seemed to have got over the initial ones. How are you getting on? Jane x

Hi, I’ve recently been prescribed 50mg x twice daily Pregabalin to start with as I’m suffering from a lot of pain despite being on 8 x 10/500mg Co dydramol and 75mg amitriptyline I’ve been told to stop taking the amitriptyline but am unsure whether I can continue to take codydramol alongside the pregabalin, or will the pregabalin replace this also?? Any advice helpful!!

I know you can get cocodamol 30mg 500mg I have it for my back, I don’t take that amount of amitriptyline mine is 25mg x2 at night. Ask if you can get another pain kill.


Hi Kay thanks for advice. I’ve spoken to pharmacist today and they told me it would be fine to take both :slight_smile: