Practical questions about lumbar puncture

I’ve got a lumbar puncture and wondered if you have to wear a gown, if you can drive after and how long you can stay afterwards. Really not looking forward to it and I know to take coke and magazines, but not sure if anything else. Thanks

I’ve recently had an LP jan
I was shocked I never had to get changed lay flat for about 40 minutes and was allowed to drive home
They told me they use a different type of needle in procedure , which is much better and reduces the headache that some suffer afterward .
Not an unpleasant time at all I was most impressed .
Maybe different at the hospital your attending
And not everyone reacts in the same way to the procedure
Good luck x

I got phone message to go for one next week at Royal Surrey Hospital Guildford. Anyone know if they are up with this latest technique? Wedding to attend on the 17th, wondering if otherwise I should defer appt - a long drive to the wedding.

I had a LP on 17th January.  I didn't have to get changed, they just used some large paper towels to protect my clothes from the iodine.  I had to lay flat afterwards for about an hour and I wasn't allowed to drive home.  But, because it took four attempts my back was very sore for about 3 days afterwards and bruised for about a week.  I had a headache but nothing that paracetamol didn't cope with.  I did take the rest of the week off work though and took it easy.

I got the results about 5 weeks later, which was positive so it was worth going through it.  At least I know now.



Thanks. Not sure what to do. Could get a taxi but about an hour away and would have to wait to be picked up.


I was worried like you about LP but I had no problems at all did not have to wear a gown and sat in a reclining chair after for about 1 hour then aloud home driving would have been no problem but my hubbie did come back for me.  I actually asked the young doctor why it wasn't painful at all and she said they needles are smaller and if you are not overweight it is easier.  I had no headache maybe I was lucky but would not worry about having another one. The doctor did say she has never had a patient that talked so much all the way through it I think I gave the poor doctor my life history maybe that took my mind off what she was doing.

Good luck, Jan

Oh dear. By overweight how much do they mean!!

Hi Dextersmum

Try not to worry, I am overweight and had one done a few weeks ago and they got it right first time. (I am about 4 stone overweight at the moment blush)

I had to lie down for 2 hours afterwards and was not allowed to drive home but the hospitals all seem to be a bit different. You could ring the department and ask them about the driving bit, I am sure they would be helpful.

Hope it goes ok.