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Ppms not coping very well

hello ive been recently told ive got ppms and im relly strugling to get my head round it.i put a good show on for my family that im coping but im relly not

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Hello and welcome

You’ve come to the right place - many will know how you feel. You don’t have to put on a good show here, but just say it how you feel. Others will be along soon to welcome you too.

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Ditto to your words and to use someone else’s MS is the condition that keeps giving. Welcome to the club and enjoy Christmas…

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Welcome. We have some notion of how you feel. I hope you will feel supported and understood enough here to share the good and not so good bits.
All the best

thanks for replying spent a bit of time with my granchildren and my wonderful partner/girlfriend and realised what is important in life i wont let this get me down.