PPMS and the brain

Couple questions gang. I have heard that most of the time with PPMS, your brain and eyes usually don’t get affected. Any truth to this? Also if you do not have any lesions on your brain or brainstem, can you still have a hard time thinking? Or concentrating? Thanks gang!

Again J’er I think you are jumping the gun…the info you read about it not affecting your brain was SO wrong…besides crippling fatigue my other main problem is cognative impairment…my brain feels as though it is being shredded and shrinking at a rate of knots.

please go and talk to your GP and ask for further tests…you seem to be torturing yourself and at this point in time it could be for no reason.

MS is rotten but even so we learn to cope…heres hoping you have something that is easily curable.

Nina x



I have had this for ten years , as i say it tires me out and my legs dont work, but by brain is still as sharp as ever. It could also be down to the fact that i take LDN , because this is the only thing i can tolerate.



J’er stress and anxiety can cause cognitive problems and trouble with concentration as much as any neurological illness can. I agree with Nina, you’re getting very worried about MS before you’ve been diagnosed. Tiredness will also affect your ability to concentrate and I’m sure this stress will be affecting you. To answer your question I’m not certain how much of the cognitive impairment is caused by brain lesion as that’s where my lesions are but the amount any type of medication I’m on could also be a factor in my case.

Please speak to your gp as this potential dx is obviously affecting thou quite a bit. Make a list of your symptoms, how long you’ve had them and how much they affect you and also a list of questions including the likelihood that you may have ms. Please understand we’re not trying to put you off or get rid of you, that’s definitely not our intention, it’s just awful thinking of how worried you seem to be. And please keep us posted with how you’re getting on. We all have experience of being in limbo when we were under investigation for ms and clearly remember how tortuous it was. Take care.

Cath xx

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J’er BRAIN can you describe this item to me I do believe I had one once but not seen in a few years

NOTE TO SELF look in spare room see if brain is in there