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I have been receiving dla since jan 2010. I now have to go next week for assessment for ppi. Really stressing me out, as dont know what I will do if I am turned down. As I have just gone down to part time due to my MS. It might mean I will have to give job up all together as I am £30 day/£150 week in taxis and that’s just for gtn to work and back. Has anyone with ms been turned down for ppi

sorry hun, but I think you mean PIP, do you?

I`ve been on DLA since 2000, but wil still have to claim for PIP.

It has got the majority of us in an anxious state.

Just answer the questions honestly and if they do turn you down, then appeal. From reading stuff here, appeals are more successful than not.

Good luck.

luv POllx

Thanks for that x

Have you been in touch with access to work? They may be able help with taxi costs.


+1 Access to Work should be helping there, that’s what it’s for.

Ive nvr heard of them. What is it they do


Definitely get in touch with Access to Work. They pay for me to get a taxi to & from work. It makes such a huge difference, as I’d struggle to work without it.


I got higher rate care component and lower rate mobility. I found the process a lot more straightforward than the DLA process. I made sure that I understood the scoring mechanism and I did my own self scoring before the formal assessment. In my region CAPITA are used and I have to say that the process was quite swift and professional. The assessment was carried out at my house and my wife sat in through the assessment. It lasted a good couple of hours consisting of a run through the PIP application with questions probing what I had written and testing out the extent of the difficulties I had. You need to exercise some care with your responses, for example with regard to preparing food and cooking the question asked was can you use a toaster or a microwave, for mobility how do you do your shopping and can you get around a supermarket. You just need to be clear on your evidence and there are some useful sites that can help, including Citizens Advice. The assessor won’t accept any additional evidence that you may have and they will tell you to send it into DWP. The final stage of the assessment were a series of physical tests but if you can’t manage any of them the assessor will note this.

I received the decision within 4 weeks but I know those that have had to use ATOS have had a very different approach and experience.

So my advice would be not to get too stressed, make sure you have all your evidence including doctors letters and lists of medication (I was going through IHR so I had some really useful Occupational Health reports). Try to get some help from your Local Authority welfare rights or Citizens Advice and if the recision doesn’t go for way then put in an appeal.

Good Luck with your application!!


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