Powerful Role Not MS

Hello lovely people

I hope that you are all as well as can be.

Well, those of you who have read some of my recent posts will know that I have had some great highs and pretty major lows.

I’ve been Chair of my school Parent Teacher Friend Association for around 8 yrs or so. In this role I have been actively campainging to save our school field from being sold off by a short sighted council, who want to make a quick pound regardless of the long lasting effect.

Well tonight have been voted as Chair for the ************ Sport and Recreation Committee, to take forward this battle to the next level! This will entail chairing meetings including the town Council, Mayor, School Governors and parents, and our local Assembly memeber!! (If I put the towns name them some people may recognise me, and that may have a negative impact on me!!)

Feeling powerful but at the same time, what if I’m not up to the job feeling insecure and thinking ;Oh S**T!!! what have I agreed to?

Freckles x

hi freckles

good on you girl!!

you got involved because you care.

you feel strongly about an issue which will affect the children in the school now and for years to come.

sure you’ll manage the meetings.

maybe speaking to the room full of delegates will be stressful but you WILL do it and imagine how good you’ll feel then!

carole x

I have no doubts you can do this Freckles and do it well. It’s something you feel passionate about so go girl!! You remind me of my husband, he’s good at all that kind of chair this and chair that meeting. Me, I know I could never do something like that and wouldn’t want to. Your more than capable, so enjoy the challenge :slight_smile: Noreen :slight_smile:

Wow Freckles

I am impressed! I have no doubt you are more than capable of this because you are so passionate about the cause. I look forward to hearing about your success in this challenging new role. Congratulations.

Tracey xx

(PS - I suspect the appalling treatment you get from some quarters stems from jealousy.)

Pace yourself and learn to delegate you need your strength learn who are the can do’s and disreguard the maybe do’s

most important is enjoy it. Don

see a trophy and some flowers oops only one flower here is a bunch

You’ll be great - you have the motivation and the passion. Just pace yourself.

Good luck

Jen x

Boudica will lend you her chariot to fight the good fight!

Go girl!

luv Pollx

go freckles…!

good for you, and the school. it’s awful when schools lose property in ‘get rich quick’, land grabs. i agree that it’s really short sighted, kids need space. perhaps when you chair a meeting with the governors present, you could show them you won’t be messed around with, by putting someone in a cage or stocks… i’m sure you could think of a colleague who you could nominate for the job… ahem.

wendy x

Thanks all, felt compelled to share, as many of my posts recently have been somewhat miserable!

Guess I am just so powerful that the green eyed monster will always follow me!

We are having our school Summer Fayre in a couple of weeks, and the funny thing is we do have stocks but I havn’t decided yet who is going into them! Oh decisions decisions!!

Freckles xxx