I know random subject but i hit 1 last night and jarred my side and back enough to make me turn around and ride rather limpingly home now today the what i think is MS hug is atacking both sides today so i walked 300 yds to my parents had a coffee and chat then the 300 yds back home only to have stop halfway due to pain stiffness and weakness in my legs i thought i was gonna drop , all i know is whoever has the job of checking the roads out obviously doesnt ride a motorcycle as when its been raining you dont know if its a fork bending 6 inch deep pot hole or a puddle think im gonna become a fair weather rider from now on lol

respect sheep

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Look up a website called “Fix My Street”

You can report any pothole, streetlight failures and the like, and they pass it straight on the the relevant council.
The council cannot say that they do not know about it ;cos it is now a public record - so if you bend your front forks a week later, yiu can now claim for the repairs.

There ia also an app for tablets with an accelerometer and a GPS chip that will log all the potholes you hit - and you can then send the log-file to the council. Can’t call the name to mind, but I know which book it’s in and I will find it if anyone wants.


Excellent Geof never knew that exsisted so been done and reported it many hanks buddy

respect sheep

We have the same problem in and around this village. The council send workman out to fill them in - and within days afterwards they break open and are bigger then before the so-called repair. Talk about ‘work for the boys’ - council re-serviced the footpath in my lane - within a week - weeds had grown up through the tarmac. My district council is Stratford-upon-Avon - and these workman came all the way from Doncaster. Lovely,friendly, gang of men - they must have enjoyed working in our village so much they hope to return soon to put right the work they should have done.

We use to drive on the LEFT - now we drive on WHAT IS LEFT of the roads.

That made me chuckle Space especially the part they loved it so much so they are going to return :slight_smile: the 1 section i reported has just been dug up and refilled and resurfaced and it was like riding over a piza topping i was bouncing like i was on a horse but as Geoff says its great to report it and it may save someone being hurt of having a front fork bender of an experience if they know they MIGHT fix it lol :slight_smile: