Post viral issue??

Anyone heard of this as a possible reasons for Ms symptoms if the scans are clear? Even with lhermittes as the presenting issue? I don’t buy it

Many years ago, I had a friend who was being tested for MS (MRI, LP etc) and it turned out, after quite a long time and many repeat tests, that he had ME. As you probably know, ME has several names, Post Viral Fatigue being one of them. He suffered symptoms for years. I think fatigue was the biggest problem, but things did improve eventually.

I think its a cop out in my case because nothing’s come up on an mri or LP yet plus it’s been a bit widespread so far

id love to think they’re right but lhermittes and tingking burning etc doesn’t fit with post viral

thanks for the info though really appreciate it

Got told at a n e could be post viral issues . That can cause l’hermittes , I found a research paper on it,but I can imagine that is very rare .

no way?! Thanks guys that’s interesting, at the moment I’m being told we don’t know what it is, we can’t rule out neurological events including ms

secone neuro says, it’s not Ms certainly not PPMS but it’s not ms

then online neuro at justanswer x4 have said not Ms, could be post viral etc

its really odd, I still have the remnants of the flu throat infection that I had when all this started so I’m in to see a ent next Friday, back in to see my neuro tomorow, I still think it’ll be Ms but not showing yet