Possible sciatica and numbness

Hi all, I have had many symptoms over 12 years and I am told they suspect I have MS only this year. In the beggining of this year I got all my symptoms at once, they have stayed with me and new ones just keep coming. I am now in a wheelchair. I can hardly do anything for myself. I have always had numbness/pins and needles,migraine,cognitive problems,balance issues etc the list is so long. My new symptoms are vertigo,optic neuritis problems with speech, trigeminal neuralgia and yesterday I saw the gp about lower back pain (which come to think of it I have had for over 17 years) and I stopped seeing the osteopath in 2008. This pain is more intense than the usual pain I have and it’s mostly on my left side and all my bum,thighs,inner thighs lower back,and knees are in intense pain. There is also a shooting type pain going down from my left arm into my left thigh/hip and leg. No matter how short of time I sit/lay for I keep going numb then feeling comes back but not fully. I have also been getting tingling on my left side of my lower lip, Just comes and goes all day every day. Even though I am taking baclofen 10mg 3 times per day, gabapentin 900mg 3 times per day and 100mg of carbamazepine it’s not helping. Years ago they diagnosed 2 herniated disc,facet joint disease and sacrollic joint dysfunction. Every MRI I have had has showed lesions on my brain and spine which the neurologist has said is significant for my age.I got lost in the system but they have now been keeping a close eye on me I have 3 MRIs this year and will be having one next week after I see the neurologist. My gp thinks it could be sciatica causing this intense problem but is not convinced she has sent a detailed email to the neurologist with her concerns. I really just do not know what to do any more. Lina

In als forgot to mention I have been self catheterising for 2 years after going in to retention twice, I have bowel issues.