Possible new symptom/progression

For the last 6 months or so I’ve been having trouble with my bowels. Just recently I have had to start taking senna every day just to be able to go.

I’ve never had trouble with them before, so this seems to be a new symptom.

I’m r/r, for 6 years now and am on Fingolimod/Gilenya. My neuro does not seem to be worried about it and hasn’t classed it as a relapse but I am worried.

I thought any new symptoms meant relapse. So if it’s not a relapse, should I be concerned that my MS is progressing?

I have thought about requesting a new MRI, since the last one I had was over 6 years ago. Can we do that? Or does it have to be up to the neuro?

Thanks in advance!

Hi if your last MRI was over six years ago then I would of thought your neuro would agree to a new MRI scan.

Thanks. I only saw him a couple of weeks ago so I won’t see him again for a year. Can my GP refer me for one?

You could ask your MS nurse to ask him or you could write to him directly via his secretary by email. Or your GP may be able to refer you. I have emailed my MS nurse this evening asking my neuro for a spine MRI.

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Thanks for the advice

Hi - I too have recently had bowel probs. From what I’ve read it’s very common with MS. Did speak to the MS nurse and she suggested linseed. I started using it as a cereal topper (Lidl’s sells this)about two weeks ago and I’m also eating a few prunes. Also, drinking lots of water, as this is also supposed to help. Although, things aren’t perfect I feel there has been some improvement. For some unknown reason I didn’t see a neurologist for over two years. Felt I’d had some subtle changes, so went to the doc, who then referred me to a neurologist. Was pleased when he sent me for another MRI(last one in 2012), but was surprised when told it showed significant changes in the brain. Seems like change happens without us knowing.

How much linseed are you eating? When I was at my worst with constipation, I used to have a tablespoon with each of my three meals and that kept things moving. At the moment, I am fine with just one tablespoon a day, with my breakfast.

Also, there was an interesting post on constipation and MS on the Barts MS Blogspot recently. Here is the link:


I too have to take Senna every day, otherwise it would be a once a week occurrence. Not nice.

I had my first MRI in 2005 and was diagnosed with RR.

I had a new MRI this year and this showed more lesions than the one done in 2005. I am Secondary Progressive now.

I would ask for a new MRI if I were you. It was interesting for me to see how many new lesions had appeared in the 11 years since my first one.

Good luck with it.

H x

Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ve emailed my new nurse to see if she can clarify things for me and requested a new MRI.

Hopefully she can clear things up for me.

I hate the uncertainty of MS, I am a bit of a control freak and always like to know where I am with things so it really gets to me!

Have just started using linseed and use one large dessert spoon each day,but might increase how much I use to see if this makes things even better.