possible ms?

Hi my name is Dennise and I want to tell you a Little bit about my story. I am 35 years old. Back in 2011 I had a lot of headaches so I had a MRI scan. In the scan they found a little spot of demyelization, so was called to have a Clinically isolated syndrome. That was when my fear of ms started because I have two uncles that had the disease.

One year later I had another mri just to check and they found another spot of demyliating demyelization. Since the spot was not hyperintense the doctor said it is still a clinically isolated syndrome and I didn´t present any other symptom but the headache.

Every year I have been having the same MRI since then with no difference.

I have my first baby now and is 8 months old. And I am a little worried because I have been feeling some tingling in my back and especially in my right foot and leg. I had a MRI taken 3 weeks ago and it is the same with those two spots, nothing different.

My neurologist says in order to be MS I should have a lesion and that my MRI scan doesn´t show anything new and It could be something else.

I know that after my pregnancy I have gained 30 pounds that I am trying to loose and I had some problems with my sciatica. The truth is that I am terrified because I don´t think this tingling is normal and now I am feeling a little bit on my left hand too.

Please let me know what you think.

Hi Dennise

Did your new symptoms start after the latest MRI? If they did it may be worth contacting your neuro and letting them know. They may wish to re-scan. If they were present at the time of your scan I’d be reassured by that. I’d also hold on to the fact your MRI’s show no change, plus you are being monitored regularly, all good news - the best news. Tingling can have a range of causes so speak to your GP if it persists.

Enjoy your first Christmas with your baby and try not to worry unduly - difficult I know.