possible ms sufferer

I am 38 years of age, been suffering with unusual symptoms for 5 years now.

Tingling, weakness, collapse started 5 years ago.

Then a switch flipped and I was totally fine for around a year.

Then it came back more severe with extreme tiredness, weakness, memory issues, pins and needles numbness.

Recently I waas diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and I am a Type 1 diabetic.

No one could explain the collapsing episodes at all.

I have paid privatley for further examination and await my MRI results tomorrow.

However I have only just found this forum and had no idea wbout the level of MRI so T1, T2, contrasting etc.

I know I havent had a contrast one as I was not injected with anything prior to the MRI. I am very worried that I have just wasted a lot of money in not specifying the MRI scan I wanted.

If it was a T! and I do indeed have MS, am I right in thinking there is a minute likely hood of it being found on a T1 MRI?

good luck with your results tomorrow